Organ, Flute, Cello and electronics. The tempting synthesis of the classical and the modern world. Music dedicated to one of the most fascinating places on earth - Tundra


Organ and electronics, two of the mightiest sound generators on the planet unite to produce the sound of this album. Heavy, mighty and dark.


Musikreviews.de: "nahezu revolutionäre Vereinbarung einer jahrhundertealten Instrumentaltradition mit synthetischen Klangquellen [...] bei dessen Genuss man in einen nicht mehr loslassenden Sog gerät (13/15 Punkten)"


Legacy: "bei alldem wird einem erst richtig bewusst was für ein sagenhaft dynamisches Instrument die Orgel ist (13/15 Punkten)"


The synthesis of classical music and intriguing electronic soundscapes. 5 dark and mournful pieces inspired by poems of the romantic era.

Classical Organ improvisation meets synthesizers and drum machines. An improvised filmscore with an experimental approach between the genres.